Dr. Stefano Mele

President, Cyber Security Commission


Dr. Stefano Mele is President of the Cyber Security Commission of the Italian Atlantic Committee and Member of theBoard of Directors.
Dr. Mele is “Of Counsel” to the Italian Carnelutti Law Firm where he is in charge of the Technology, Privacy, Cybersecurity and Intelligence Law Department.
He holds a PhD from the University of Foggia, and cooperates with the Department of Legal Informations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Milan.
He is the founder and Partner of the Moire Consulting Group.
He is President of the “Cyber Security Working Group” of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AMCHAM),and member of the “Cyber Security Roundtable” of Regione Lombardia and of the “Advisory Board on Cyber Security” of Assolombarda.
He is the Director of the InfoWarfare and Emerging Technologies Observatory of the Italian Institute of Strategic Studies ‘Niccolò Machiavelli’, and co-founder and President of the CyberPARCO no-profit Organization.
Dr. Mele is also a lecturer for several universities and military research institutions of the Italian Ministry of Defence and NATO, and he is the author of the “Cyber Strategy & Policy Brief” and of several academic papers and articles on cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare topics.
In 2014, his name appeared in the list of NATO Key Opinion Leaders for Cyberspace Security.
In 2014, the business magazine Forbes listed Stefano as one of the world’s best 20 Cyber Policy Experts to follow online.

Cyber Security in the US National Security Strategy

The new US National Security Strategy bases its foundations on four strategic pillars: protecting US citizens, territories and lifestyle; increase prosperity; safeguard peace through force; increase American influence. For each of these strategic pillars, the role of the Internet and information technology often represents an important element both in terms of defense, and contrast and reaction.

The Italian Cyber Security Strategy

The strengthening of the strategic role of DIS, the centrality of the Cybernetic Security Center in the area of prevention, preparation and response in case of cyber crisis, as well as the establishment of a National Evaluation and Certification Center for Security conditions and the absence of vulnerabilities on products, devices and IT systems, represent the three real novelties launched by the Government to cope with the growing cyber threat in Italy and in the world.