Fabrizio W. Luciolli

President, Italian Atlantic Committee and Atlantic Treaty Association

FWL_2014_SRPresident of the Italian Atlantic Committee and the Atlantic Treaty Association, Fabrizio W. Luciolli has been Professor of International Security Organizations, Military Policy, and National Security Policy at the Center for High Defense Studies of the Italian Ministry of Defense (2000-20015). He is a regular lecturer in various national and international, military, and academic institutions. Coordinator of Training Courses for military officers and diplomats in the Western Balkans and Middle East, he is Director and promoter of NATO and EU cooperation projects in Central and Southeastern Europe, and in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. Prof. Luciolli is also a Consultant on foreign affairs and security matters to various Members of Parliament. He is the author of several papers and articles published in national and foreign journals.

Turkey and NATO: An Enduring Alliance

Since sixty-five years, a mutual commitment links Turkey and NATO, which can hardly be scratched by contingent interests or frictions or replaced by new strategic directions. In its dialogue with Turkey, NATO once again reveals its unique role as transatlantic forum for political consultation on security issues.

NATO, EU, Industry & Cooperation on Cyber Security

International Conference on NATO, EU, Industry Cooperation on Cyber Security promoted by ATA at the European Parliament in Brussels, June 28. High representatives from NATO and European Union, members of the European Parliament, representatives from the industry and experts, participated in an exchange of best practices for a more effective transatlantic cooperation on cyber security.



Harmel and the NATO Summit 2018

The Warsaw and Brussels Summits have update the Harmel deterrence and defense strategy by a 360° approach. A new adaptation will take place at the NATO Summit of July 11-12, 2018.

Italy and the NATO Meeting

In the present security scenario we must redraft the Transatlantic bond by a new equation based on more balanced parameters between the two shores of the Atlantic. Brexit made Italy an even stronger pillar in the European and Atlantic context, while keeping a privileged relationship with Washington, as well as Moscow, it has a unique sensibility and potential leadership in the Mediterranean basin.

NATO – EU Cooperation & the Report of the Three

Accordingly to the 1956 Report of the Three, security is today far more than a military matter and the need for a deeper cooperation beyond the defense dimension, on the political, economic and cultural domain, and between NATO and EU, is particularly necessary today to develop a comprehensive strategy and approach to cope with the multifaceted dimensions of the new security threats, as the hybrid ones.

Trump, NATO and Italy

Trump could be "an extraordinary opportunity for both side of the Atlantic. Nato and the European Union have the chance to reinforce in a more balanced way, their cooperation and strategic partnership.

NATO and Turkey: Which Alliance?

The relaunch of relations with Russia and the emergence of new strategic directions in Turkey will not weaken the ties that have been bounding Ankara to NATO for over sixty years.

NATO, Montenegro and the Western Balkans

Montenegro's membership in NATO strenghtens the whole process of integration of the Western Balkans in the Euro-Atlantic institution. It benefits regional stability and security, reasserting the "open door" policy of the Atlantic Alliance.