New Transatlantic Relations

4th Edition of the program for the successor generations organized by the Italian Atlantic Committee and Consules on the challenges to transatlantic relations and NATO. Milan, Cesena, Florence, Siena, Rome, December 14-20.


Two Seminars and a Study Course on NATO's Evolution and Counteterrorism have been organized by the Italian Atlantic Committee at the NATO JFC-Naples. Lago Patria, November-December.

Law and Development

Address by President Luciolli to the High Training Course organized by the Milillo Fouindation on Law and Society Between Security, Legality, and Development. Rome, Carabinieri School Salvo D'Acquisto, October 5.


Participation of President Luciolli in the General Assembly of EuroDefense. Paris, November 8.

Italian Foreign & Security Policy

Lecture of President Luciolli on The Italian Foreign and Security Policy. Rome, St. John's University, December 8.

FYR Macedonia

Address by President Luciolli on Security Challenges and Impact on Western Balkans in the framework of the project on Sustainable EU Learning and Training System. Skopje, 13-15 October.