ata-ster-logoThe institutional responsibility and unique feature of the Italian Atlantic Committee is to ensure, at the international level, Italy’s presence within the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA). The ATA, founded in The Hague in 1954, is a body officially recognized by NATO, including all the Atlantic Associations from every NATO member state.

The ATA has taken on new tasks and an increasing relevance after the admission of the Atlantic Associations from countries belonging to the Partnership for Peace and the Mediterranean Dialogue. The role of the ATA has been acknowledged in the Final Communiqué of the NATO Summits in Prague (2002), Istanbul (2004) as well as Washington (1999), in which the Heads of State and Government, gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Alliance, declared:

We also appreciate the contribution made by the Atlantic Treaty Association in promoting better understanding of the Alliance and its objectives among our publics.

In particular, the ATA aims to:

  • Inform and promote the awareness of the aims and themes (foreign affairs, security, defense, international economics) of the Atlantic Alliance amongst the public opinions of NATO countries and nations participating in the Partnership for Peace and in Dialogue and Cooperation in the Mediterranean and Middle East programs.
  • Promote solidarity between the peoples in the Atlantic area, in Central and South-Eastern Europe, in the Caucasus and Black Sea areas. The similar programs of dialogue and cooperation in the Mediterranean and Middle East are also of particular interest
  • Build solid relations and a permanent cooperation between the Atlantic Committees and the adherent National Associations.
  • Partake in research in the different sectors and activities of interest to the Alliance.

The Italian Atlantic Committee guarantees the annual participation of Italy in the ATA Council Meetings that take place at the NATO HQ in Brussels and to the General Assembly convening every year in a different country of the Alliance (its 50^ session took place in Rome on 1-3 December 2004). The Assembly unites the NATO highest political and military exponents, together with the delegations from all NATO member states, the Partnership for Peace countries and the countries which have signed dialogue and cooperation agreements with NATO. The proceedings of the General Assembly offer a comprehensive outlook on the status of the Alliance through the analyses, presentations and discussions characterizing the plenary sessions and the various meetings of the Study Committees – Political, Military, Economic, and Education.

In carrying out its activities, the ATA cooperates with other Atlantic bodies such as the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.