Layout 1For over 60 years the Italian Atlantic Committee has promoted research, education and information activities on issues of foreign affairs, security and international economy relevant to the Atlantic Alliance, with a particular focus on Italy’s role in NATO.

In the international field, the Italian Atlantic Committee represents Italy in the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), the umbrella organization connecting NATO with the public opinions of its member countries. The ATA, which is joined by all NATO member countries, has assumed new duties and increasing relevance due to to the association of the Atlantic Committees from the Partnership for Peace and Mediterranean Dialogue countries.
The Italian Atlantic Committee is actively involved in the ATA programs and promotes numerous international cooperation initiatives with NATO member countries and partners.
On occasion of the Special Session of the ATA Council meeting held in Budva, Montenegro, on 29th May 2014, the Secretary General of the Italian Atlantic Committee, Prof. Fabrizio W. Luciolli, has been unanimosly elected President of the Atlantic Treaty Association. The Italian presidency will last three years starting from the ATA General Assembly 2014.

At national level, the Italian Atlantic Committee organizes educational and training activities for civil and military personnel, as well as conferences and debates in schools and academic institutes. In this respect, the action of the Italian Atlantic Committee also relies on the Atlantic Clubs, a network of associations whose activities are coordinated and promoted by the Italian Atlantic Committee.

Study, research and analysis constitute the core of the Italian Atlantic Committee’s activities, including projects and initiatives conducted also in collaboration with international centers for study and research.

The Italian Atlantic Committee devotes a particular attention to the initiatives aimed at promoting the debate on foreign affairs and security issues among University students, young researchers and professionals, such as the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) and the Youth Network for Cooperation in the Mediterranean (YNCM).

Prominent statesmen and political leaders who significantly contributed to the development of a national Atlantic awareness have succeeded to the presidency of the Italian Atlantic Committee:

– Count Umberto Morra di Lavriano (1955 – 1957)

– Hon. Ivan Matteo Lombardo (1957 – 1979)

– Sen. Manlio Brosio (1979 – 1980)

– President Giuseppe Saragat (1980 – 1988)

– Hon. Mariano Rumor (1988 – 1990)

– Sen. Emilio Colombo (1990 – 2004)

Hon. Enrico La Loggia (2004 – 2014)

Prof. Fabrizio W. Luciolli (2014 – )