25 - 27 September 2006

Tomorrow's Leaders and the Future of Euro-Atlantic Security


The Forum Tomorrow's Leaders and the Future of Euro-Atlantic Security will provide NATO leaders and decision makers with proposals for the future path of the Alliance, drawing upon the vision and rising leadership of young researchers and policymakers across NATO and countries participating in the Partnership for Peace and Mediterranean Dialogue.
The Forum took place at the Italian Center for High Defense Studies on the eve of the NATO Summit in Riga, Latvia, at which NATO members will address the future course of the Alliance.
Participants of the Rome Atlantic Forum have discussed the future role, capabilities, and mission of NATO, in consideration of future challenges and threats.
At the end of the 3-day forum, participants outlined their vision for the future of NATO and produced proposals that will be circulated among the national delegations to NATO and shared with decision makers in their national capitals. Moreover, the Forum is aimed to foster a research network and a new cadre of leadership in NATO-related issues among rising experts and professionals in the academic and policy communities.
Participants are researchers at centers for strategic/defense studies or from military academies, policy makers, parliamentarians or parliamentarian staffers, between 25 and 35 years old.
Proceedings included an opening and closing plenary session.
In addition, participants have been divided into four working-groups to focus on the following issues:



52 ATA General Assembly

Athens, December 5-10. NATO's Challenges in 21st Century.  >>

Riga Summit

November 28 - 29. Think Tank representatives, Researchers and Young Political Leaders, will meet in Riga in parallel meetings and educational programs that will be addressed by the NATO Heads of State and Government.  >>

Atlantic Council of Albania

Tirana, November 18. Educational Seminar on Euro-Atlantic Values and the Cooperation for Security.

International Seminar in Milan

October 19 - 21. A three days Seminar, organized by the Catholic University and promoted by the Italian Atlantic Committee, brought together researchers, students and academicians, that analyzed NATO and the New Challenges to the Military Force and Diplomacy.

Rome Atlantic Forum