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The events that marked the international scenario of the recent years are requiring a renewed attention and commitment of the international organizations and chanchellery towards a region which is encompassing the Mediterranean, the Broader Middle East, and Asia.
The Atlantic Forum, organized yearly by the Italian Atlantic Committee in cooperation with the Atlantic Treaty Association, took place in Palermo on October 4th 7th, 2007. The Palermo Atlantic Forum offered an opportunity of dialogue, political discussion, and a scientific and qualified contribution, on

New Perspectives of Security and Cooperation
in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia


Proceedings took place in the extraordinary framework of Palazzo dei Normanni. High Government and NATO authorities took part in the Forum that brought together political, diplomatic, military, academic, and media representatives.

Speakers and participants came from NATO, Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, and for the first time - Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries.

The Forum program intended to:

Promote a scientific discussion on the role of NATO and international organizations in the stabilization and reconstruction;

Strengthen the cooperation between NATO and the Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperation Council countries;

Explore the perspectives of dialogue and collaboration with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


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