Rome Atlantic Forum

November 23rd 2009
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Conference Hall

The new NATO Strategic Concept and the future of transatlantic relations


New Strategic Concept Interim Discussion Paper
Italian Atlantic Committee, November 2009
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"The Strategic Concept reaffirms the enduring purpose of the Alliance and sets out its fundamental security tasks. It enables a transformed NATO to contribute to the evolving security environment, supporting security and stability with the strength of its shared commitment to democracy and the peaceful resolution of disputes. The Strategic Concept will govern the Alliance's security and defence policy, its operational concepts, its conventional and nuclear force posture and its collective defence arrangements, and will be kept under review in the light of the evolving security environment."
(65, NATO Strategic Concept, 1999)

The Italian Atlantic Committee, through the Rome Atlantic Forum wishes to contribute to the debate initiated by NATO on occasion of its 60th anniversary with regard to the development of a new Strategic Concept capable of meeting the new challenges of the 21st Century by reinforcing transatlantic relations in the spirit of our indivisible security.

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