Italy’s role in NATO

LL mostra fotograficaThe “Italy’s role in NATO” photographic exhibition, organized by the Italian Atlantic Committee in collaboration with the Defense General Staff, was held from November 16th to December 15th 2010 at the Jubilee Hall in the Vittoriano building in Rome.

The President of the Italian Atlantic Committee, the Hon. Enrico La Loggia, and the Head of the Defense General Staff, Gen. Vincenzo Camporini, launched the initiative primarily to raise awareness amongst the young generation on the present and future challenges regarding the Atlantic Alliance. This exhibition also underlined the vital role that the Atlantic Alliance has played since 1949 in safeguarding international peace and security. This was a moment of reflection and exploration on what NATO has represented for Italy and on how Italy and its institutions (such as the Armed Forces) have been able to participate and integrate in its political and military structure.

In a brief but impactful way, the exhibition was composed of 30 panels with vintage photographs, excerpts from historical documents, pictures, and videos that retraced the main stages of the 61-years of membership in the Atlantic Alliance. Particular importance was given to the ongoing military missions, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to demonstrating how the Italian armed forces have evolved and integrated effectively in NATO’s operational activities and international peacekeeping missions.