Dr. Antonio Perfetti

Dr. Perfetti is Managing Director Executive Group Sales and Business Development, MBDA Italy. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Alenia Aeronautica in March 2005 and also sits on the boards of Alenia Aeronavali and ATR GIE. Except for a brief period with the Benetton Group, he has spent his entire career in positions of increasing importance within the Finmeccanica group. After his university studies, Dr. Perfetti joined IRI, then the parent company of Finmeccanica, in December 1979 and eventually rose to Vice President Organization Development. In January 1995 he moved to Alenia as Vice President Managerial Development, Alenia. By April 2001, Dr. Perfetti was Senior Vice President Human Resources for the entire Finmeccanica Group. In November 2003 he rejoined Alenia as General Manager of its Alenia Aeronavali subsidiary.