H.E. Rezan Kader

R. Kader

Dr. Rezan Kader was born in Sulaymaniyah, named as the Art City and cultural capital of Kurdistan. In the 80s Dr. Kader has been active in the student movements fighting for the respect of human rights in her Region. Due to the increase of the persecution and tortures applied by the Baath regime against the student movements, she was forced to leave her homeland. France recognized her as political refugee than she moved to Italy where she studied at the Faculty of Medicine. Since 1988 Dr. Kader is Representative of the Kurdish Women in Italy. In the 90s she improved her activity of information about the dramatic situation in Kurdistan. After the liberation from Saddam Hussein regime she has been appointed as High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Italy. The KRG Representation Office in Italy has been officially inaugurated in 2010 by President Masoud Barzani.