Among its international activities, the Italian Atlantic Committee promotes numerous dialogue and cooperation programs with NATO member states and partners. Since the early Nineties, numerous initiatives have been initiated in the ATA framework with those countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe which are candidates for the membership in the Atlantic Alliance. In such respect, relations with the Atlantic Committees of Albania, Bulgaria, RFY Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have been particularly intense and realized through international seminars and conferences, educational activities and specific joint initiatives.

Over the years, the Government authorities of these countries conferred significant acknowledgements and appreciations for the cooperation and contribution offered by the Italian Atlantic Committee in a Euro-Atlantic integration perspective. Among them, the Cross of First Class of the Order for Faithful Service Under the Flag bestowed upon the Secretary General of the Italian Atlantic Committee, Prof. Fabrizio W. Luciolli, by the Bulgarian Minister of Defense for the intense collaboration aimed at favoring the Euro-Atlantic integration process of Bulgaria.

In the framework of its Mediterranean and Broader Middle East Program, the Italian Atlantic Committee has deepened cooperation with Institutions and personalities from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Gulf countries belonging to the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) in order to promote Italy’s role in the region. Training and cooperation programs have also been conducted with countries of the Mediterranean and Middle East region that are not part in the MD and ICI. Particularly, the Secretary General contributed to the foundation of the Iraqi National Defense College (NDC) in Baghdad within the framework of the Italian participation in the NATO Training Mission-Iraq, receiving an important honor from the Iraqi Minister of Defense on grounds of his valuable collaboration in the NDC birth and contribution offered in the fight against terrorism.

A Transatlantic Program is also yearly carried out, consisting of a series of meetings and debates with representatives of the most important centers for studies and research of the United States, such as the National Defense University, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Atlantic Council of the United States and the Rand Corporation.