International Conference on Counter-Terrorism

The Italian Atlantic Committee (IAC) coordinated the participation of a delegation of experts and practitioners in the ICT’s 13th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism which took place in Herzliya, Israel, on September 8-11, 2013. The members of the delegation, headed by the IAC Secretary General, Prof. Fabrizio W. Luciolli, were invited to contribute as speakers to the broad discussion on the multifaceted challenges posed by terrorism to international security.

Prof. Col. Vittorfranco Pisano, IAC Advisor on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, addressed the workshop Defining Terrorism: A Fundamental Counter-Terrorism Measure, whereas Lt. Col. Antonio Colella, IAC Advisor on Cyber Crime and Information Security, and Lt. Ludovica Glorioso, Senior Analyst at the Legal and Policy Branch, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence, addressed the workshop Cyber-Terrorism: Challenges Faced Today.

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The participation in this international event is to be framed in the Italy-Israel Project on The Future of Cyber-Security that the IAC is conducting in collaboration with the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism and the Institute for Policy and Strategy, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and in coordination with the Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv as NATO-Israel Contact Point Embassy for the years 2013-14.