“Italy’s foreign policy should restart from NATO-EU fundamental values”

fwlRome, Mar 31 – (Agenzia Nova) – “Over the last few years Italy has lost the fundamental values which gave birth to the EU and NATO. It is only by recovering such values that it will be possible to start over”.

That was stated by the President of the Italian Atlantic Committee (IAC) Fabrizio Luciolli on the occasion of a meeting on the Italian foreign policy organized in Rome.

According to the IAC President, despite the lack of an effective foreign policy strategy Italy managed to retain its position thanks to the interconnection to the defense policies.

“Our generals engaged in missions abroad – he pointed out – gave credibility to the country, but regrettably also in this sector the active force of the past is missing”.

An example of this situation is the necessity to present the White Book on Defense. That proves that the country is still in need of a security strategy and Italy, according to Luciolli, “cannot afford of being deprived of a strategy for the national defense”.