New Transatlantic Relations

nrt_12The Third edition of the Intensive Study Course on the New Transatlantic Relations: International Organizations and Security Challenges, has been organized by the Italian Atlantic Committee in collaboration with the Consules Association, in the framework of the Italian Atlantic Committee educational programs and activities for the new generation.

The Course has been aimed at university, post-graduate and PhD students, professionals and personnel of the Armed Forces and national Police bodies. The teaching staff consisted of academics, high-ranking military officials, scholars from international research centers and security experts.

The selected students have been offered to take part in a high-level intense Course of six days, including lectures and group works, which delved into the role of NATO and the other International Organizations dedicated to the preservation of peace and security.

Particular attention has been paid to the emerging threats, with a focus on the strategic use of specific economic resources, such as energy and financial assets, and on information technologies for war or terrorist purposes.

The Study Course took place in:

  • Rome, from 18th to 23rd November – Italian and English language courses
  • Naples, from 18th to 23rd November – Italian language course
  • Milan, from 25th to 30th November – Italian language courses
  • Florence, from 25th to 30th November – Italian language course


During the Study Course, the following case studies has been tackled:

  • Cyber-Defense and the Role of NATO (for the English Courses in Milan and Rome);
  • The Instability of the Mediterranean Area and the Role of NATO (for the Italian Courses in Florence, Milan, Naples and Rome).

At the end of the Study Course, participants took part in the Atlantic Forum organized in Rome, on the 2nd December 2013, by the by the Italian Atlantic Committee.