The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) draws together and coordinates a network of young leaders from 37 NATO and Partner countries. They are joined in their commitment to promote among the successor generations a better knowledge of the NATO’s role and values and a better transatlantic cooperation.

YATA places a strong emphases on educational programs and the organization of conferences and seminars in collaboration with its national representations and the ATA, offering a breeding ground for the discussion and realization of common goals inspired by democratic values.

The YATA aims:

  • To develop and strenghten a network of future leaders, engaged in the promotion of Transatlantic relations, particularly in the security field, and of cooperation among youth in NATO member and partner countries;
  • To inform the new generations on issues related to Euro-Atlantic security
  • To deepen cooperation with other international bodies in promoting the debate on the role of the international security Organizations, such as NATO, the EU, the UN and OSCE.