nato-summit_big_aTo promote its mission, the Italian Atlantic Committee conducts a wide range of activities both in the national and international field.


The Italian Atlantic Committee represents Italy in the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), the international body that unites NATO with the public opinion of the member countries of the Atlantic Alliance. The ATA has assumed new duties and increasing relevance due to the association of the Partnership for Peace and Mediterranean Dialogue countries.


The Italian Atlantic Committee organizes training and educational activities on Atlantic and security themes aimed at civilian and military personnel. It also promotes conferences and debates in academic and educational institutions.


The Italian Atlantic Committee conducts research and analysis activities on issues of foreign affairs, security and defense relevant to NATO, promoting projects and initiatives also in collaboration with international centers for research and studies.


Among its international activities, the Italian Atlantic Committee promotes numerous dialogue and cooperation programs with NATO member countries and partners.


The Italian Atlantic Committee conducts information activities on issues related to NATO and international security aimed at representatives from Institutions and foreign press.


The Atlantic Forum yearly brings together NATO and Government authorities, political, diplomatic, military, academic and media representatives, young political leaders and researchers, coming from NATO countries and partners to debate and elaborate proposals on the future of the Alliance.


The Italian Atlantic Committee is present on the entire national territory through the network of the Atlantic Clubs, whose initiatives are coordinated and promoted by the Italian Atlantic Committee with a special attention to the young generation.


The Italian Atlantic Committee supports the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA), the ATA youth dimension, and ensures the participation of Italian delegates in its international activities.


The Youth Network for Cooperation in the Mediterranean (YNCM) promoted by the Italian Atlantic Committee is aimed at University students, young researchers and professionals from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean countries with the purpose of promoting security and cooperation in the Mediterrean and Middle East region.