The Italian Atlantic Committee organizes training and educational activities on Atlantic and security themes aimed at civilian and military personnel. It also promotes conferences and debates in academic and educational institutions.

In this field, the Italian Atlantic Committee has consolidated a fruitful collaboration with the Center for High Defence Studies (CASD), where it contributes to the organization of the courses of the Joint Services Staff College (ISSMI) yearly attended by over 200 high officers, including a portion of foreign officers coming from NATO member states and partners as well as other relevant countries. Particularly, the Italian Atlantic Committee coordinates the International Security Organizations’ module in which distinguished speakers take part, visits at the Euro-Atlantic institutions are organized and the selection and distribution of specialized publications is provided.

The Italian Atlantic Committee also organizes the International Security Organizations Course (ISOC), an intensive program on security subjects consisting of lessons, seminars and practical activities, aimed at senior military officers, officials from Foreign Affairs, Defense and Interior Ministries, University researchers and young professionals. To date, the ISOCs have been held in FRY Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Training programs and activities have been carried out also in Iraq in the framework of the Italian contribution to the NATO-Training Mission-Iraq.

Numerous initiatives in the educational field as well as conferences on security subjects are organized in important military and civil institutions such as the NATO Defense College, the European Security and Defense College, the Italian Naval Staff College, the Italian Air Force Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences, the Carabinieri Training School.

The Italian Atlantic Committee pays a special attention to the youth education through the organization of seminars, courses and practical activitites in Italy and abroad, intended to raise awareness among the new generations about foreign affairs, international economy, security and defense issues.