Rome Atlantic Forum on “Cyber Security”

The Rome Atlantic Forum on NATO and the Future of Cyber Security has been organized by the Italian Atlantic Committee at the NATO Defense College on 2 December 2013.

Among the emerging threats to security, the cyber one has taken an increasing relevance due to its potential impact on government and institutional apparatuses, the industrial system and communications, as well as the welfare of the citizens of modern interconnected societies. While the critical infrastructures protection is a national responsibility, NATO represents an added value in strengthening the prevention, resilience and response capabilities of the member States. 

In this respect, the two Sessions of the Rome Atlantic Forum delved into the most significant issues concerning NATO’s Role in Cyber Security and Cyber Security: Threats and Countermeasures.

Prominent figures from the political, military, diplomatic, and academic field, together with experts, researchers, and representatives of cyber security companies from NATO and partner countries, took part in the Rome Atlantic Forum. A group of 150 young professionals, researchers, and graduate students, selected among 10 Italian universities, also attended the event.

By the Rome Atlantic Forum, the Italian Atlantic Committee intended to offer a scientific contribution

  • To enhance public awareness on the growing cyber security challenges to the Euro-Atlantic and the international community;
  • To consolidate a network of researchers, experts, and representatives of cyber security companies, promoting their cooperation with decision-makers and institutional authorities;
  • To strengthen cooperation between NATO and its partner countries in the cyber security field at institutional and industry level, as well as in the research field;
  • To maximize the impact and the synergy effect coming from the merger of the traditional analysis and debate of the Atlantic Forum and the NATO Defense College expertise and educational role.


The Rome Atlantic Forum has been organized in collaboration with the Atlantic Treaty Association and the support of the NATO Defense College, NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Maglan Group and Consules Association.